Desert Wind

Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman
Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman


This song sparked to life after hours, as Ricky and Wouter completed work on other compositions. Just as a lonely desert can be visited by a playful wind, so does the flute dance above an undulating landscape of tabla, strings, and percussion.

Composed by Wouter Kellerman and Ricky Kej
Produced by Ricky Kej, Wouter Kellerman, Dave Gross
Arranged by Ricky Kej
Published by Kellerman Music (SAMRO) and Raveolution Studios (BMI)

Flute and alto flute: Wouter Kellerman
Keyboards: Dave Gross, Ricky Kej, Keerthy Narayan
Vocals: Jyoti Venkatraman
Percussion and Santoor: Vanil Veigas
Additional synths: Tholsi Pillay

Vocals, Percussion and Santoor recorded at Raveolution Studios, Bangalore by Ricky Kej
Keyboards recorded at Hell Dog Music, Seattle by Dave Gross
Flute recorded at Kellerman Music in Johannesburg by Wouter Kellerman