Mountain Solitude

Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman
Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman


To Wouter, this song conjures images of peaceful, wide horizons surrounding a string-melody whirlwind. To Ricky, the powerful image of dawn erupting after the darkest of nights dominates. To the listener? An act of blossoming compositional beauty.

Composed by Ricky Kej
Produced by Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman
Additional production by Jordan Buetow
Arranged by Ricky Kej and Keerthy Narayan
Published by Raveolution Studios (BMI)

Flute: Wouter Kellerman
Keyboards and bass: Ricky Kej
Keyboards: Keerthy Narayan, Vanil Veigas
String arrangements and conducting: Manoj George
String section: Bangalore Chamber (Manoj)
Choral arrangement and vocals: Devan Ekambaram
Harp, Bata, and additional percussion: Jordan Buetow

Recorded at Raveolution Studios in Bangalore by Vanil Veigas
String section recorded at Om Shree Studios in Bangalore by Ricky Kej
Harp and percussion recorded at Monkey Puzzle Studios in Kent by Brian Matheny
Flute recorded at Groundlift Studios in Los Angeles by S Husky Höskulds