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  1. Madiba

From the recording Winds Of Samsara

Madiba: the clan or family name of Nelson Mandela. This composition reflects Wouter and Ricky’s feelings of gratitude towards the great leader and pays tribute through a musical prayer that is equal parts power and tenderness. Mandela was inspired on his initial path of peaceful resistance by Mahatma Gandhi and this piece reflects that bi-continental influence as well.
Composed by Wouter KellermanProduced by Wouter Kellerman, Ricky Kej, and Mauritz LotzPublished by Kellerman Music (SAMRO)Flute: Wouter KellermanDrums: Vinnie HenricoGuitars, keyboards, and programming: Mauritz LotzKeyboards and synth: Ricky Kej and Keerthy NarayanVeena: Veena BijuIndian vocals: Chaithra HG and Gayathri SureshBass: Denny LalouetteAdditional percussion: David Klassen and Vanil VeigasAdditional keyboards: Tholsi PillayPiano: Matthys MareeCello: Susan Mouton Piano, vocals, and guitars recorded at The Space Bar in Johannesburg by Harshn ReddyDrums recorded at The Drum Room in Johannesburg by Harshn ReddyFlute recorded at Kellerman Music in Johannesburg by Wouter KellermanIndian choral vocals and Veena recorded at Sound Factory in Cochin by Keerthy NarayanSolo Indian vocals, keyboards, and percussion recorded at Raveolution Studios in Bangalore by Ricky KejIndian vocals and Percussion recorded at Raveolution Studios, Bangalore by Ricky Kej