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  1. Mahatma

From the recording Winds Of Samsara

“Like the political and cultural landscape of Gandhi's world, this song has diverse elements and voices, but it all comes together in a coherent and beautiful melody,” describes Wouter.    Kej adds that Mahatma Gandhi is an inspiration to every Indian — and that the great one’s message remains as relevant as ever. “In times like now in India, where corruption is at an all-time high and infrastructure is bursting at its seams, it’s great to reinforce the original message of the Mahatma of peace, love, and non-violence,” Kej says. “We have attempted to do this through flute, voice, choir, guitar, and string sections.”
Composed by Ricky Kej and Prakash SontakkeProduced by Ricky Kej and Wouter KellermanArranged by Ricky KejPublished by Raveolution Studios (BMI) Flute: Wouter KellermanGuitar: Ciro HurtadoVocals and vocal rhythms: Prakash SontakkeKeyboards: Vanil Veigas and Ricky KejBass: Ricky KejKeyboards and orchestral arrangements: Keerthy NarayanString section: Cochin Chamber (Herald)Choral arrangments: Manoj GeorgeChoir: Bangalore Womens ChoirPercussion: Varsha Gowda Recorded at Raveolution Studios in Bangalore by Vanil VeigasString section recorded at Sunder Studios in Bangalore by Ricky KejSitar recorded at Sound Factory in Cochin by Keerthy NarayanGuitar recorded at Ciro Studios in Los AngelesFlute recorded at Del Oro Music in Los Angeles by Robert Eibach