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  1. Nocturne

From the recording Winds Of Samsara

When Ricky and renowned American pianist Michael Lewin proposed a musical reinvention of the classic Chopin composition to Wouter, the flutist felt both excitement and trepidation.    “This is a perfectly written piece and Michael's exquisite rendition was already so beautiful that I wondered if we could add anything without spoiling it,” he explains. “So we set about fusing Michael’s work with our own, while still keeping the spirit of the piece intact. A challenging — and satisfying — project!”     For Kej, there is something deeply magical about Chopin’s creation, as well as Lewin’s interpretation. “It’s musically chaotic, but every note comes together with so much emotional depth,” he says, “that it’s difficult not to feel a surge of happiness or sadness while listening to it.”
Composed by Frédéric ChopinProduced by Ricky Kej and Wouter KellermanArranged by Ricky Kej and Dave GrossPiano: Michael LewinFlute: Wouter KellermanVocal arrangements: Ricky Kej, Devan Ekambaram, and Dave GrossVocals: Devan Ekambaram and CharanrajSeattle Pro Musica choir: Katie Skovholt, Brendan Hemmerle, Wes Kim, Peter Lifland, and Andy LarsonMusic preparation: Brian MonroneyIndian choir recorded at Raveolution Studios in BangalorePiano recorded at Patrych Sound Studios in New YorkFlute recorded at Kellerman Music in Johannesburg by Wouter KellermanChoir recorded at Helldog Music in Seattle by Dave Gross